[ˈpè̝tə́ɾ ˈjúɾɡə̀ʦ]

University of Toronto
Department of Linguistics
100 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 3G3


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Department of Linguistics. My research interests fall within theoretical phonology. I am particularly interested in feature theory, assimilation, loanwords, tone, Optimality Theory, Harmonic Serialism, and Slavic languages.

You can take a look at my Publications or my CV.

The most convenient way to reach me is by email at myname.mysurname@utoronto.ca



  • In Fall 2015, I am teaching LIN322 Phonological Theory. I am also moderating Junior Forum for first year PhD students (with Guillaume Thomas).
  • In Winter 2016, I will be teaching LIN229 Sound Patterns in Language and LIN1222 Advanced Phonology II.
  • In the fall, my office hours are on Mondays at 1.15 pm and Wednesdays at 2.15 pm, or by appointment (Sidney Smith 4083). Schedule yours by writing me an email.


You can take a look at my Publications page or my CV.